2023 Georgia Grand Prix Tracker

This is where you can come to see where you stand in your age group so you can plan your next event to move up.

# Date Event Format Status
1 01/01-31/23 USMS Winter Challenge
(30 Minute Swim)
Fitness Challenge Closed
2 03/25-26/23 Maria Thrash Memorial Meet - Atlanta SCY Meet Closed
3 04/15/23 Walt Weed Invite - Savannah SCY Meet Closed
4 05/20/23 ART LCM Invite LCM Meet Closed
5 06/01-30/23 USMS Summer Challenge (2K) Fitness Challenge Open
6 07/29/23 Georgia Games OW OW Open
7 TBD SSS Pentathlon - Peachtree City SCY Meet Open
8 10/01-31/23 USMS Fall Challenge (1 Mile Swim) Fitness Challenge Open
9 TBD ART St. Nick's SCM Invite SCM Meet Open
  • Only swimmers registered with the Georgia LMSC may qualify for the Grand Prix.
  • Swimmers must compete in a minimum of 3 Georgia swim meets from the list of qualifying meets above.
  • Fitness and out-of-state events do not count towards the 3 event minimum to be eligible for the individual Grand Prix award.


In-State meets/events:
  • Swimmers are scored within their own age group according to how they place in each event (we exclude any swimmers outside of Georgia masters swimmers).
  • Then a total point value is calculated for each swim on each race.
  • The swimmer with the most points in their age group and gender receives 10 points for the meet, second receives 9 points and so forth down to a minimum of 5 points.

Out-of-State events:
  • For events, such as the Masters Nationals, all swimmers competing receive 5 points.
  • Out-of-state events do not count towards the 3 event minimum to be eleigable for the individual Grand Prix.
Fitness challenge events:
  • All swimmers participating receive 5 points.
  • The points for each age group and gender are then added to determine the winners in each category. 
  • The USMS Fitness Challenge does not count towards the 3 event minimum to be eligible for the individual Grand Prix 
      Note: If a swimmer ages up any time before or during the last scheduled event,
                their point totals will 
be transferred with them to their new age bracket.

Georgia Games scoring:
  • Swimmers may compete in more than one race, however they will be scored on only the event where they place the highest.
Pentathlon scoring:
  • Swimmer can score in only one of the categories they compete in:
    • Sprint Pentathlon
    • Middle Distance Pentathlon
    • Iron Man Pentathlon
Team scoring
  • Only registered teams or workout groups with the Georgia LMSC are eligible.
  • All individual points will count toward the team score.
  • There are no minimum number of events required for an individual to compete in, for their points to be counted toward the team score.   
Leader Board
Effective Date:    05/24/23