The 2023 Georgia Grand Prix competition starts NOW!!!

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Georgia Masters LMSC Annual Meeting Date Set
September 24, 2023
Peachtree City - Following Annual Pentathlon Swim Meet - Information of Meet Schedule Page 

Online Registration
October 14, 2023 
1st Annual Chastain Park Masters SCY Meet
Online Registration
October 29, 2023
Collins Hill SCY Developmental Meet

Meet Information

USMS Releases Preliminary 2023 SCY Top Ten Listview

Masters Swimming is a Journey


Welcome to the Georgia Masters Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC) of the United States Masters Swimming (USMS). We exist to promote fitness and health in adults by offering and supporting Masters Swimming programs throughout the state of Georgia.


November 1, 2022

2023 USMS Individual Registration Begins

Something new and exciting has come to Georgia Masters -
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USMS Announces Brand New Workout Library

All USMS members have access to this benefit with over 1,000 workouts for free.
This database of searchable online workouts features all ranges of distances, strokes, and skill levels. You can now:

  • Subscribe to receive workouts for the week emailed to you every Monday morning
  • Filter by course, desired distance, and type of sets you want to do
  • Send workouts to your smartwatch via our Swim.com integration
  • Customize a workout via Swim.com to truly make it yours

Additional Resource for Workouts
workouts customized to your age, speed, workout duration, etc.
The Random Swimming Workout Generator

Hot News

USMS Releases Preliminary 2023 SCM Top Ten List - view

2023 Club Registration

2023 Georgia Club Registration Form

Any club that was registered in 2022 has been automatically renewed for 2023 and your renewal fee has been paid by Georgia Masters in appreciation for all you do.
Want to register a new Club:  Link

2023 Georgia Workout Group Registration Form

Any Workout Group that was registered in 2022 has been automatically renewed for 2023 and your renewal fee has been paid by Georgia Masters in appreciation for all you do.
Want to register a new Workout Group:  Link



Upcoming 2023 Grand Prix Events Announced

January  1-13 USMS Winter Fitness Challenge – 30 Min Swim
March 25-26 Maria Thrash Memorial Meet – SCY – Atlanta
April 15 Walt Weed Invite – SCY – Savannah
June 1-30 USMS Summer Fitness Challenge – 2K
July TBD ART LCM Invite – Atlanta
July  TBD Georgia Games OW
September TBD SSS Pentathlon Meet – SCY – Peachtree City
October 1-31 USMS Fall Fitness Challenge – 1 Mile
December TBD ART St. Nick’s SCM Invite - Atlanta

Become a Masters Coach

Do you love sharing knowledge, teaching others, and giving back to the sport you love? Do you get excited when a teammate masters a new technique? Do you always seem to be the leader of your workout group? Are you the one who writes the workouts? If yes, you might make a good Masters coach.

U.S. Masters Swimming is hosting its Levels 2 Coach Certification Course

Coaches Certification Schedule

U.S.Masters Swimming Level 1 Coaches Certification is now available online

Upcoming USMS Certification Classes in our area
Below are the registration links for the USMS Level 2 Masters coach certification class, the Clinic Course for Coaches class, and the stroke development clinic for swimmers. 

USMS Coach Certification - Level 2


Clinic Course for Coaches Class

Stroke Development Clinic for Swimmers

Adult Learn To Swim Instructor Certification

*******New USMS Insurance Changes*******

A new workout insurance requirement has been put into effect by our insurance carrier. Effective
immediately, for a workout to be covered by USMS insurance, the person supervising the workout must be a USMS member. In the past, a USA Swimming certified coach was allowed to supervise the workouts, even if the USA Swimming certified coach was not a USMS member. This is no longer true; now if the person supervising the workout is a USA Swimming certified coach, he or she must also be a USMS member.



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