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Goal of the Month - June

June is to improve on one thing outside of the pool!

Tip of the Month - June

Try to take 5 minutes a day to improve your flexibility out of the water! Goal is to hit pecs, lats, shoulders, hamstrings, ankles and hips. Static stretching, five minutes a day, will yield better results than doing it once or twice a week, or only when you feel an injury coming on. Make flexibility and mobility a keystone component of your swimming! 

Drill of the Month - June 

Let's do this one out of the water, and follow this link to understand the benefits of adding foam rolling into your daily routine! 

5 Scientifically-Backed Benefits of Foam Rolling (

Let's make a goal together to foam roll in the month of June! 

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As a USMS member it is worth establishing your own USMS forum

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For those of you who might be swimming on your own and who might like some coaching, the Workouts forum offers workouts from 7 different coaches. Each coach is providing different workouts every week to meet the various needs and goals of our members.

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There is something for everyone so check it out. Here is the link to the Coaches Workout Forums, swimmers who practice on their own now have a great resource for coaching and workouts at the following website:  (you must be a forum member to access these workouts)  

A number of Georgia Swimmers are now participating in the "Go The Distance" program. This program allows you to track your yardage for the year, and when you reach various milestones in your swimming; Nike will send you a gift based on the level you have reached. To find out more information on this program go to:

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