Georgia Grand Prix

This section is dedicated to all the Georgia Swimmers who participate in the Annual Georgia Grand Prix.

Results throughout the season will be tracked here and you can follow along and track your position after each event.  Soooo... get your entries in and good luck.

Check back soon.

2017 Georgia Grand Prix Winners

Age Group Women Men

Anna Beem

Nicholas Wolwark


Stephanie Lemmons

Matt Jones


Britta O'Leary


Nicole Taylor

Douglas Carrington


Malena Hankins

Dan McCarthy


Donna Guest

Eric Fors


Marianne Countryman

Mark Rogers


Muriel Cochran

David Eng


Ginger Penn

Pat Eddy


Rebecca Hamilton

Joe Hutto


Sue Ottosen

John Zeigler


Judith Haase

Craig Ray

80-84 N/A

Earl Ferguson

85-89 N/A N/A




2016 Georgia Grand Prix Winners

Age Group Women Men
18 - 24 Gina Grant Opio (JR) Douglas
25 - 29 Jennifer Orlando Sean Concepcion
30 - 34 Abbey Burns Matthew Hunnemeder
35 - 39 Sara Edwards Matthew Mills
40 - 44   Eran Lotan
45 - 49 Jennifer Hartig Mark Beatty
50 - 54 Elaine Krugman Mark Rogers
55 - 59 Karol Welling William Jencius
60 - 64 Rebecca Hamilton Rob Copeland
65 - 69 Margo Schneider Joe Hutto
70 - 74 Sue Ottosen John Zeigler
75 - 79 Judith Haase Craig Ray
80 - 84   Hal F Stolz

2013 Georgia Championship Series

SCY     March 9-10, 2013     St. Patrick’s Day Invitational (Complete)

LCM     June 2, 2013            Classic City Long Course meet at UGA
O/W     Sept 21, 2013           Swim for Life Lake Swim - Lake Lanier

SCM     Dec 14, 2013           St. Nick’s meet at Georgia Tech

2012 Georgia Grand Prix

2012 marked the second year of the Georgia Championship Series. The Series consists of one short course yards meet, one long course meet, one short course meters meet and a choice of two open water swim. In 2012, the Rainbow Trout Spring meet opened the Series, with the Classic City Long Course meet coming next. We also added the Eric Chanteau Swim For You Life Challenge as an extra open water event, since the Georgia State Games was not sanctioned in 2012. We then ended the year with the St. Nick’s meet. The age group winners are:


2012 Georgia Championship Series Results

35-39 Malena Hankins GMKW
45-49 Marianne Countyman GMKW
50-54 Elaine Krugman GMKW
55-59 Dale Alton / Ginger Penn DYNA / GMKW
65-69 Sue Ottosen GMKW
70-74 Charlotte Czekala GMKW
40-44 Mark Beatty GMKW
45-49 Mark Rogers GMKW
50-54 David Eng AWJ
55-59 David Hilderbrandt GMKW
60-64 Roger Beardmore GMKW
65-69 John Zeigler GMKW
70-74 David Miller GMKW
75-79 Hal Stolz GMKW




Congratulations to all the winners as well as the 384 swimmers that competed in one of the 4 Georgia Championship Events in 2012.

Left to right--Hal Stolz (75-79), Marianna Countryman (45-49) David Hildebrandt (55-59),

Malena Hankins (35-39), Mark Beatty (40-44), Elaine Krugman (50-54), Mark Rogers (45-49),

Dave Eng (50-54); Kneeling – Roger Beardmore (60-64), and John Zeigler (65-69)


2011 Georgia Grand Prix

With the resolution at our recent Annual meeting to have our big events titled as “State Championships”
in 2011, we have decided to modify the Grand Prix for this coming year to include those events.
Tentatively, these events would be:

April                            St. Patrick's Day SCY
June 4                        Classic City LC @ UGA
July                             Georgia Games Open Water
November 6              St Nicholas SCM @ Georgia Tech

Thanks to our Grand Prix head honcho Sean Fitzgerald who has compiled the results for previous years and will figure out the scoring for these events.

2011 Georgia Championship Series Results

18-24 Megan Harlow GMKW
30-34 Marcela Chavez AWJ
35-39 Malena Hankins GMKW
40-44 Cathy Jones GMKW
45-49 Marianne Countyman GMKW
50-54 Carol Cunningham GMKW
60-64 Joyce Larson SSS
65-69 Sue Ottosen GMKW
95-99 Anne Dunivin GMKW
40-44 Michael Kucharski UNAT
45-49 Dan Beatty GMKW
50-54 David Eng AWJ
55-59 David Hilderbrandt SAMS
65-69 John Zeigler GMKW
70-74 Herb Chuven GMKW
75-79 Hal Stolz GMKW

 Georgia Grand Prix 2010 Awards

This award was given for the most points from participation at the St Pat meet, SC Nationals at Georgia Tech, Classic City LC, Georgia Open Water, and St Nick SCM.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who won this award for their respective age group:

Women                                      Men

25-29 Melissa Massey                      25-29 Chris Hamilton

30-34 Kelly Godleski                        30-34 Evyatar Tourgenon

35-39 Maria Hankins                        35-39 Jeff Palm

40-44 Beth Costello                         40-44 Steve Mortimer

45-49 Kristen Aziz                            45-49 Igor Vazhenin

50-54 Allison Howell                         50-54 David Eng

55-59 Skippy Mattson                      55-59 James Logan

60-64 Linda Serra                           60-64 Thomas Edwards

65-69 Sue Ottosen                          65-69 John Zeigler

70-74 Sally Newell                           70-74 Herb Chuven

75-79 June Callaway                       75-79 Bruce Hallowell

                                                        80-84 Irwin Stolz

                                                        85-89 John Taylor

 Grand Prix Awards 2008

The 2008 Georiga Grand Prix awards were announced and given out at the St Patrick's Day meet in March. The award was given for best results by gender and age group in the following 2008 events:

USMS Postal Hour Swim Championships

St Patrick's Day SCY Invitational

Gary Eaton Memorial SCY Invitational

Classic City LC @ UGA

Georgia Games Open Water

Peachtree City SCY Pentathlon


Winners are:

Heidi Natkin W30-34                                       Russell Porter M18-24

Ande Timpeiro W40-44                                    Jeremy Ploessel M25-29

Tana Selby W45-49                                         Andrew Perry M35-39

Lisa Watson W50-54                                       Mark Schremmer & David Eng M45-59(tie!)                                                              

Michelle Martin W55-59                                John Zeigler M60-64

                                                                     Walter Leen M65-69

Congratulations to these Grand Prix winners!